interiors project

SPA#ALPS. That’s a new kind of wellness space designed for Venetian Gold in the Italian Alps.

It’s a place with an incredible setting. It’s a space designed for the well-being and the relaxation of its visitors, lying in a bath of warm water or on chestnut wood chaise-longue or enjoying a sauna.

We bet on a very clear white macaubas marble for the floor, contrasting with the warm shades of the wood beams. Changing with a light blue macaubas for the bath floor. The whole space is broken by a sodalite mosaic strip.


@special marbles partnership – Venetian Gold

@imaging collaboration – Daniel Salvagnin Architect

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walking madrid

En Madrid, jamás llegué a pisar la calle, porque cada vez que aparecía en la puerta del Hotel Ritz, una legión de caballeros arrojaban sus capas al suelo para que caminara sobre ellas, poniendo ante mí una alfombra que nunca se acababa.

It was not me, it was #MATA HARI who said that.  I walked a lot in the streets of Madrid. It’s incredible. Do it when you can.


interiors project

BEACH HOUSE #E. That’s a part of a space designed for Venetian Gold.

It’s a two floors old beach house redesigned with the shades of the sea and the textures of the beach sand. Here we show you two spaces: the living room and the second floor main bathroom.

In the first pic you can see the cozy and elegant living with materials and tones that call the sea atmosphere: a blue sodalite marble floor with a central rounded element in light blue onix marble complementing the warm colors and textures of the white brick walls and the fireplace.

The second image is the bathroom. An airy and bright space thanks to the white carrara marble floor, contrasting with the darker bardiglio nuvolato marble bath and the chestnut wood cabinet.

@special marbles partnership – Venetian Gold

@imaging collaboration – Daniel Salvagnin Architect


a cathedral in the mosque.

A unique place, the mosque of Cordoba has never closed in the last twelve centuries, since the 9th century, here have prayed before muslims and then christians. Its transformation has given life to an exceptional architectural space.


interiors project

CASA #D. It’s another interior space designed for Venetian Gold.

It’s a new way contry house. Pure and essential. Here we show you two spaces: the main bathroom and the airy kitchen.

The first space is elemental: a nero marquinia marble floor contrasting with the bath and the sinks in statuario marble. It’s fundamental the role played by the large mirror that expands the space and donates double depth and brightness.

In the kitchen we gave a country touch leaving the original wood beams and doing the cupboards with a similar old dark wood. These warm parts are contrasting the metal fridge and marbles of the floor – in calacatta caldia marble – and the kitchen top – in avalance marble.

@special marbles partnership – Venetian Gold

@imaging collaboration – Daniel Salvagnin Architect



park güell

El gran libro, siempre abierto y que tenemos que hacer un esfuerzo para leer, es el de la Naturaleza, y los otros libros se toman a partir de él, y en ellos se encuentran los errores y malas interpretaciones de los hombres.



The great book, always open and we have to make an effort to read, is that of Nature, and other books are taken from him, and in them there are the errors and misinterpretations of men.